Packaging Service Information

Bulk Packaging:
Health-Chem Diagnostics is a major supplier of components to diagnostic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. HCD has the experience, technical expertise and facilities to work with its customers as they scale-up or begin the production or manufacture of products presently under development. Inquire about Private Label finished products for the professional or over-the-counter
(OTC) market.

Private Label Packaging:
Our Art department has over 30 years of experience in the custom production of packaging for diagnostic products and test kits for Over-The-Counter and professional use. Experienced professionals can prepare artwork, layout, package inserts and instructions to US FDA, Health-Canada and European specifications. ISO Certification and CE Marking are available.

Any and all packaging (single test or multi-test kits) in individual boxes and/or specialty cartons are available at cost +25%.

Custom printed boxes available at minimum 10,000 quantity. All artwork for customer account.

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