Alcohol Testing


The BreathCheck – Breath Alcohol Detector is a disposable breath alcohol indicator designed for one-time use. The BreathCheck – Breath Alcohol Detector contains indicator chemistry that will undergo a color change in the presence of alcohol contained in the breath of the subject. This product provides a reliable indication of alcohol present in the exhaled breath of the test subject when the instructions for use of the BreathCheck – Breath Alcohol Detector are rigidly followed.

For Forensic / Police Use and Consumer use, to quickly establish levels of alcohol intoxication.

  • Easy to use and provide accurate distinct color differentiation: The color changes from Yellow to Green to Blue at targeted level of 0.08% and/or 0.05% (USA – Europe).
  • NOW Electronically readable in complete darkness or in poor light conditions (See package insert BreathCheck Breath Alcohol Test Reader)
  • Prevent DWI rapidly and economically with the same level of accuracy as higher cost electronic methods.

BreathCheck Packaging Specifications

  • US Over The Counter Box of 40 for point of sale display
  • US Over The Counter use – package of 2, 3, 4 tests available
  • Blister packaging available
  • See photos below for packaging options

Police Usage

  • US Police – Asceptically Packaged – 40 tests with inflation bags
  • European Police in TWO levels: 0.05% or tri-color 0.03% – 0.05% detection levels for professional driver testing – Asceptically Packaged – 40 tests with inflation bags
  • European Over The Counter use – Package of 3 tests

View our product insert sheets:

* Please note: Breathcheck Alcohol Testers used with the Electronic Reader, have no individual color comparator labels. For VISUAL testing, the user must refer to the color chart on the package insert accompanying each lot of Alcohol Testers.

(1) Available for sale in the US

Please contact us for more information about pending regulatory status for individual countries.



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